Saturday, June 25, 2005


A New Way of Doing Things Around Here

We're about a month old here at, and it's time for a change...

This site has been getting a lot of traffic! Thanks to all of you who are keeping track of Jason's progress. Right now, he's somewhere between Fairbanks and Anchorage.

As he continues to post information about his amazing journey, you'll have the opportunity to leave comments for him. At the bottom of each post, there is a link that says 'x comments' -- you can click on that link to read what others have said or to post a note of your own.

For right now, we're going to try permitting posting by any and everyone. If things get out of hand, we'll have to limit it to registered blogger users only -- so be nice.


Hey Uncle Jason,

It's me Tanner, your website is awesome and it looks like you've been through a lot. I can't believe you sleep in that small tent. I also can't believe how big the mosquitos are. Mom worries about that, you know how she is. We all miss you very much and pray for you everyday. I wish I could be there with you on some of this journey. I hope to see you still in February for our snowboard trip. Hope you can still make it. Can't wait, that will be soo awesome. Please try to get back with me soon, at my mom's email address. [email protected]
I've still been working on my guitar and I'm coming along pretty good. Keep your feet covered up at night man and keep on that net. You look cool. I love you and miss you too. Take care, your nephew Tanner.

hey jason, this is Daniel down at the bike shop. Sounds like fun so far, you have made some great progress so far, keep it up!! We are all rootin' for your success. anywho, the tour de france starts on saturday, july 2nd. Hope you're able to keep in touch with that. How are you entering your pics and text online?? And how is the bike running, any flats or what?? Jamin and I just did the 24 hours of kincaid last weekend and he completed 15 laps, and i did 10. That was enough for my first century....YES!!! Probably nothing new to you, you crazy man!! Have fun, be safe, and our thoughts are with you

Daniel(and the Shop)

yo Dude, the site is awesome! Glad to see that it came together. Hope to see you when you get back to anchorage.

Mike & Lisa

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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Please stand by...

Jason is in Fairbanks, Alaska, and has logged more than 500 miles so far, but he's experiencing technical difficulties. Here's an email from him:

"I have been in Fairbanks for about 5 days now working on getting photos and text to Molly, the site designer, so that she can post them. It has been tough finding a cheap place were I can work--$12 bucks an hour is the going rate for highspeed internet rental here in Fairbanks... Other than that and the mosquitoes I am doing great and having a good time.

"Thank you everyone for keeping up on my progress. I was nice to get such a huge amount of mail, esp. from people that I haven't heard from in a long time. Please keep checking back as I will be updating things as I am able.

"Take care. I will try and answer e-mails once I get to Anchorage."

Unfortunately, it looks like everything on the memory stick he's carrying -- all of his pictures and some stories that he had written up -- may have been zapped into the ether. More updates as information becomes available...


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